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I select and harvest my own trees from Columbia County, Wisconsin. I bring the cut lumber home to my workshop in Madison, where it air dries for three years. Many of my pieces use quartersawn wood, preferred by woodworkers and furniture-makers for both stability and its beautiful wavy grain patterns. I hand-select wood for each project based on its unique character - the knots, the grain, and the natural edges.

All of the work on my furniture is done in house. When the wood is dry, I plane it and square the edges. Small and shallow drawers are crafted with solid wood sides and fine grade plywood bottoms. Deeper and larger drawers have fine grade plywood sides and bottoms. All drawer fronts are solid hardwood. Corner joins are created with dado cuts, glue, and brads. Seams are created with biscuits and glue. The drawer slides are wood, not metal, and drawer sides are given routed grooves with natural stops. The only other metal I use in my furniture are small brads to attach the trim.

Pieces are finished with three coats of Gemini high performance satin varnish, with light sanding in between. In my 30 years of professional spray painting experience, I have found that this catalyzed varnish produces the smoothest, clearest and hardest finish available. It enhances the grain and allows the natural colors of the wood to shine through.

The furniture I create is a smaller scale than many of the oversized styles in showrooms today, making my chests perfect for children's rooms or nurseries. Map chests, my specialty, provide stylish storage for the crafter, seamstress or hobbiest. Replicas of antique chests used to store maps, they consist of stacked drawers with no rails in between - nearly all of the design is usable drawer space. They're perfect for storing important papers, artwork, or small tools.

Drawer Detail

Detail of a map chest drawer.

...out of respect for the lands that
produce this beautiful wood,
I plant new trees to replace the
materials I harvest.